Thursday, May 26, 2011

crafty questions

This has been fun to learn about others, so I thought I would share my answers with you.  It's funny how passionate we can be about some things.  Some answers can even trigger sharp alliances (similar or more extreme than politics, ha)!

{Cut and paste the questions below, then answer them on your blog!}

1. How long have you been paper-crafting? 
2. Do you listen to music while you craft? If so, which genre?
3. Do you snack while you craft or is your craft room a no-food zone? If yes, what's your favorite crafty snack?
4. What's your adhesive of choice - glue dots, liquid, tape runner, hot glue gun, or something else?
5. Keep scraps or toss scraps? 
6. Buttons - to thread or not to thread?
7. Do you clean up your craft table/surface after every project or leave the tidying up for a rainy day?
8. Instead of a deserted island, let's make it a deserted craft store. So, you're stuck in a deserted craft store and you can only use one three (I could not choose one) paper companies' paper for the rest of your life - which companies do you choose?
9. Do you keep a sketch book or notebook with ideas for future projects or do you craft-as-you-go?
10. Decorative scissors or edge punches? Which is your favorite?

1. I've been paper crafting almost exactly 10 years.  I started doing it to save money and have fun making my wedding invitations and before I knew it, I was swept away!

2. I do NOT listen to music while I craft.  I was one of those dorky kids who couldn't study with music on.  I enjoy the quiet (especially once I've put all three kids (under 5) to bed)!

3. I have been known to snack while I craft.  They are always unhealthy foods, if I'm having fun crafting I want a little treat too.  Salty or sweet, it doesn't matter.  (Was this one a shocker?  Did you think someone so anal who can't handle noise wouldn't allow food near her crafts?)

4. My adhesive of choice is the tape runner, specifically the Tombo mono adhesive.  It's quick, easy, and I like how it doesn't bunch up.  The "earth saver" in me can't stand all that waste.  I'm slowly using more and more double stick tape rolls (which are amazing for buttons!).

5. I keep my scraps, but I need a better storage system.  I can never decide whether to store them by color or size.

6. I'm new on the button scene.  I prefer them threaded, but don't always have the time, patience, or perfect color of thread/twine.  Plus certain cards call for "naked" buttons.

7. I typically nap during my kids' 2 hour nap time.  If I cut it to the wire, I leave it a mess.  Often I pick up everything but leave the stamps to clean later and do a bunch of cleaning at once.  Sometimes I'm so excited to run off and photograph my card that I completely forget about the clean up.

8. This may sound weird, but I don't pay attention to paper companies.  I just grab paper in stores that I like and rarely note what company made them.  But three that I use frequently are Memory Box, Papertrey Ink, and a·muse|studio.

9. I've always been a "craft-as-you-go" person, but lately I've been writing down my ideas.  Still don't have an actually sketch book, but some ideas make it to paper before I craft.

10. I use decorative scissors, but only because I don't own any edge punches.  I have used the punches though and they are quite addicting.

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers, now it's your turn!  Leave your answers in a comment to this post, tag your friends to do it and share it with whomever you like!  It's always fun getting to know each other a bit more.  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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