Tuesday, December 4, 2012

{soup can treats}

Last year our mother daughter group made some Christmas crafts.  I realized I never posted them.  This one is "souper" fun.  You take a pop-top can (soup can size*), cut open the bottom with a can opener (but leave one part attached), empty the contents, wash, rinse, and dry the can (really well).  Then fill it with treats, a gift card, or little gifts. Finally hot glue the bottom shut and decorate the can.  When you give the can to someone, they get to pop the top for their present.  It's quite fun!

bottom of the can hot glued shut


ready to be popped

*If you are going to make a bunch of these make sure the style of can you pick can actually be opened by a can opener from the bottom.  We found that certain brands or types of foods couldn't be opened with a can opener from the bottom.

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Laura said...

These are adorable...what a great idea! Good to see you on here again!