Tuesday, January 10, 2012

studio stampers blog hop

If you are participating in the blog hop, you should have come from Lianna Vigil's blog and if not, then you can start at Karen Crisp's blog and hop until you come to my blog.

I'm not the self-proclaimed "copying queen" for nothing.  Layouts and color combinations don't come easily to this brain.  That's why I love reading blogs and checking out Pinterest.  I was able to make two valentine cards that I stole from some very creative ladies for our studio stampers blog hop.

The first card is an adorable clean and simple card by the extremely talented Cristina.  My card is a complete joke next to hers, but you get the idea.

I stole the next card from Krystie Hersch.  I just love the tree and felt heart combo and wanted to "reuse" for Valentine's Day.  Krystie has an amazing eye for color.  Mine looks a tad christmasy.  I wish I did the tree in french roast.

What is the best Valentine gift you have ever given or received?
Contest is closed.
Leave a comment telling me about the gift by January 15th and you'll be entered to win a set of nine A Muse studio felt hearts (3 of each size) to play with.

i {heart} u

stamp: A Muse heart, & "i <3 you"
ink: A Muse cherry, orange, buttercup, grass, & ocean
other: twine

stamp: A Muse tree & "hello"
ink: A Muse cherry & grass
other: A Muse heart die cut, tag, random ribbon i had

We hope you enjoyed the hop and found some inspiration!!
Complete list:
Lianna Vigil
Kari Bell <-------you are here


Babe O'Mara said...

I like the clean look of your card and the tag is so cute. Nice job. My favorite Valentine gift was when my husband took the day off work and we spent it together going out for breakfast and lunch and ending up at the beach. He was very busy at that time and I appreciated it more than he will ever know.


Karen Crisp said...

Love the hearts card - so sad we are losing the twine

Kristen said...

To quote a fashion guru I love to watch on TLC: "Totes adorbs!" Your cards are perfection...oh, and I don't think the tree card looks Christmas-y at all! (:

Angie said...

I like the simplicity of the card and the tag. Both are beautiful!

Kelly Spivey said...

Kari, as always, your cards are so fantastic! Love the first one with the hearts. I need to try that! And I also loved Krystie's card that she sent her downline with that tree and heart....and yours is just as faboo! Love the color combo.

as far as valentine's surprises or gifts go, one year my fiance (now my ex-fiance....LOL) and I were going thru a rough patch and we were far apart and he sent me a dozen red roses at work. It made me smile and cry. That's such a cliche thing to send for Valentine's Day, but it really made my day and week at the time!

Kathy Hatzke said...

Love, love, love both of them!

We're not much on Valentine's Day but did have a great one several years ago when my now 9 yo was a baby. DH flew us down to LA to see Jill Scott in concert and a friend of ours watched ds so we had an actual grown up date. Of course, I was exhausted the next day at work since we got up super early to catch the first flight back home but it was a great night.

Lisa Wakabayashi said...

Very cute cards, Kari! I love the colorful hearts, and I love the felt heart on the second one!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the inspiration! Both cards were awesome!!