Wednesday, April 27, 2011

embellish top designer

I have been a bit side-tracked with vacation, Easter, and day to day life.  Remember this card?
Well I was floored when I saw it as a "top designer" pick for Embellish Magazine.  (#2)  Check out their post for more details, but that's basically it.  I'm excited, especially since this was a last minute, enter for fun contest at the time.  I wasn't bending over backward to create the perfect card that I loved.


KathyN said...

Congrats Kari! It's funny how things turn out, it seems like sometimes it happens this way. When you are not trying to do too much, but just throw it in the ring for fun!

debbie said...

good work!

liannallama said...

what a super card! So bold and bright!